DEPRESSION is a normal, natural reaction to legitimate negative life events, such as the grievous loss of loved ones, loss of heath, or loss of employment. The onset of depression can also happen with no discernable, obvious reasons, and the person just loses the capacity to experience pleasure.


Tasks that seem to take little energy may now seem overwhelming, and activities that used to be enjoyable may no longer bring pleasure. One may have difficulty concentrating, feel lethargic, suffer from lack of appetite, and sleep disturbances. People in a depressive state are often assuage with feelings of disillusionment, pessimism, and helplessness. Thoughts about death and suicide are also quite common as the future appears bleak and hopeless. Depending on the severity of the depressive symptoms, it can be truly debilitating when it affects basic daily functions such as keeping a job or maintaining social contact.


During therapy, we aim to alleviate depressive symptoms by trying to understand and explore what is going on with a person’s life in a realistic and objective manner. More importantly, we work with clients to discover their innate strengths and resources and help them to develop effective coping strategies and techniques.



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